Engineered Chains

81X Lumber Chains
Designed for heavy duty operation under severe conditions. All parts machined and heat treated. Can be used for sorting and other conveying applications.
"H" Type Chains
Extra reinforced side bars to strengthen malleable iron links and provide extra wear surfaces whether operating in a trough, over floors or roadways. As a drive, this is a performance-driven chain.
Combination Chains
Used extensively for heavy duty lifting and conveying applications.
400 Series Pintle
Designed for handling normal and moderately heavy loads. Available in heat treated malleable iron or stainless steel.
700 Series Pintle
Combines high strength and light weight with corrosion resistance for heavy duty conveying applications in corrosive environments.
Welded Steel & Wide Series Drag Chains
An offset sidebar chain using heat treated pins and links to withstand shock loads and difficult operating conditions with long center distances.
Rooftop Transfer Chains
Five different types of chains are offered for operation under heavy, concentrated loads, generally in troughs where product is conveyed long distances.
Engineering and Sticker Chains
The engineering chain, shown with an A-3 attachment, is used primarily in the forniture industry. Sticker chains are available with stickers every 2nd, 4th, or 6th link. Used in waferizer operations.
Drop Forged Rivetless & Caterpillar Drive Chains
Drop forged primarily used in trolley or flight conveyors or other similar type low applications. Caterpillar 160 cottered drive chain with driving dogs used to engage and power the drop forged, rivetless chain.