Steel Sprockets
  • We make all kinds of Sprockets...
  • Custom, made to order sprockets
  • Single, duplex, triplex, quad
  • Double-single
  • Taper bushed
  • Stainless steel
  • Double pitch
  • British standard
  • Duplex, triple, & multi-strand
  • Split, split adjustable
  • Segmental rim
  • Shear pin style with or without hubs
  • Torch cut for mill chain
  • Idlers (with bearings or bushings)

  • We regularly make non-standard sprocket sizes to suit Browning, QD, and Dodge bushings. We make duplex, triple, double-single, and multi-strand sprockets as per customer requirements.

    Custom Sizes
    (Made to Order)

    Mill Chain/Torch Cut/
    Engineered Sprockets
    We manufacture custom sizes exactly to customer requirements. Due to our extensive experience we can assist in the design process and ensure the customer is totally satisfied with the final design as well as workmanship.

    There are hundreds of mill chain sizes from different manufacturers. We maintain a comprehensive cross index of mill chain specifications to ensure your order is per your expectations.